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Labour’s 51 magic proposals


Hot on the heels of the roundly-applauded budget, the Prime Minister presented binary option strategy the PN's new basic document, Our Roots.

And in a fit of panic, Dr Joseph Muscat rushed home to scribble 51 Labour proposals and presented them the day after.

It could not have taken him more than an hour to write them.

And if you have not read them, please do, because the mediocrity that screams out at you is too loud to be captured in this article.

Let's leave aside the choice of 51 as the magic number - we are all used to Labour's obsession with media glitz.

But for those of us who thought that, finally, we would get some substance, the 51 proposals are a big disappointment.

Just imagine - the first item on their list is that "interest rates on VAT arrears will be reduced".

I had to read it twice. For quite apart from the fact that this is already being done (even in this budget itself), the question that one must ask is whether this proposal, deserving as binary trade options it may be, truly merits to be the first point of the programme of a Government-in-waiting.

Is this Labour's top economic brainwave?

Ok, so perhaps the document does not present an order of priority and that higher priorities are further down.

But then why doesn't the document include anything of substance on the economy?

The closest we get is proposal 5: "Our Government will be safe for business and enterprises" and proposal 3 that tells the self-employed that "we will let you work".

Safe? We will let you work?

What kind of proposals are these?

And don't these "proposals" betray an innate uncertainty over whether a Labour Government would indeed be safe for the economy?

Now hold on to your seats. Here comes the famous commitment on electricity bills even if you have to wait all the way down to the twelfth proposal to get it:

"Electricity bills will be reduced in a ...

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Your Comments

JULIAN CURMI WRITES: Dear Simon, I thank you for your commitment.

MARIO DEBONO WRITES: Good article. Gonzi espona il bahh ta JM. We are ready to chip in. But i have serious doubts on binary trading option how we can do this. The business community needs more convincing. Too many people seem to want to "try" JM. And too many civil servants are already in the hock of the bigger businesses as they see no PN future and are already looking for the next step

LINA CARUANA WRITES: Truly What I am thinking is that he was not speaking to all the country but to the core of labour supporters who are now feeling insecure with their leader's lack of experience, having seen how Dr. Gonzi has been tight rope walking in the current monetary global climate and the Mediterranean unrest. Theirs is a great fear reminiscent of the pre war years and colonial rule regarding Maltese affairs as a time of uncertainty.


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